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Archery Hog Hunting

Archery hog hunting is a great choice for the hunters looking for an additional challenge, and I good meal. Archery hog hunting is one of the most popular forms of bow hunting. Bow hunters by nature are looking for a challenge by not choosing to hunt with a rifle.

Bow hunting takes more physical effort, skill, and patience. The challenge of archery hog hunting can also be dangerous, because wild hogs are aggressive animals: particularly when wounded or cornered.Hog hunting is legal year-round in many places, because wild hogs are considered a nuisance to their environment, people, and other animals. They also have high reproduction rates, with six to ten people litters. These hogs can destroy land and carry along diseases. The long amount of time that hogs are legally allowed to be hunted adds to the popularity of the sport.

Another reason that hog hunting is popular is because wild boar meat is considered a great meal. The danger of hog hunting also attracts many archers.The prime time for hog hunting is in the late afternoon to early evening. This is when the hogs are most mobile and increases hunters' chances of spotting one. Many hunters set up still hunting spots. These spots can be baited trails to attract the hogs, and a successful method is by setting up corn feeders.

Hunters can wait around the feeders and ambush hogs when they appear. A more demanding method may be by stalking hogs. This can be extremely physical, as it often requires crawling under brush and prolonged walking. When stalking hogs, hunters may use a calling device or travel near known hog trails and feeders. Whichever method you choose, just remember that archery hog hunting can be as dangerous as it is challenging.

Hunting these animals is not for the faint of heart. Hogs can weigh several hundred pounds and some male hogs have large tusks. Hogs are also difficult to kill with an arrow, because they have around two and a half inches of cartilage beneath their skin.

This may prevent the arrow from penetrating enough to kill, and may only wound the animal. Hogs are naturally aggressive and will only be angered when wounded. The hunter must be careful to pull away from the animal and hide.

If a wounded hog is approaching, the hunter should fire another arrow when the animal is five to six feet away. Many hunters have been wounded while hunting hogs, so it is important to be careful.Archery hog hunting is a fun and demanding sport than can be a proud kill for any archer. However, even experienced hunters must be careful when hunting these animals.

.My name is Ted Lake and I'm building a website in memory of my dad Deuaine Lake.

This site is all about Archery and Archery Hunting. My dad started me when I was 5 years old (1956) and I've continued to teach both my boys the same respect for the sport of archery.Please feel welcome to visit my free website at http://www.complete-archery-information.com.

By: Ted Lake

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