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Pau Gasol Selected to Play in the NBA All Star Game

NBA's Pau Gasol who plays with Memphis Grizzlies has at last tried some of the sweet taste of recognition for his hard work and effort as he was selected to play in the NBA All Star Game for the Western Conference. This will be the first All Star Game for the Spaniard player and also the first time someone from Spain gets called to participate on this event. He said this was the biggest thing someone could achieve at a world level in basketball. The 25-year-old former Barcelona basketball player was recruited as a reserve whose starting line-up is formed by NBA's Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, Yao Ming and Steve Nash. Gasol leads the NBA Grizzlies in scoring (19.

7 ppg) and rebounding (9.0 rpg). The 7-0 forward is averaging 22.

4 points 10.0 rebounds in his last 10 outings. Gasol is shooting 48.5 percent from the floor. Plus, the NBA player has collected 20 double-doubles this season and has been a force of the defensive end with 1.

96 blocks a game. The All Star Game will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston on February 19th. .

By: Julie Smith

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