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Truth About Independent Professional Wrestling From An Ex Wrestler

Starting out in the professional wrestling business can be quite a challenge. You have to overcome the training, conditioning, physical endurement, and the perils of sports entertainment in general.Today, there is really only one wrestling outfit out there doing worth a hoot.

Everyone knows that its the WWE. Vince McMahon controls the professional wrestling industry. I'm going to share with you the true story of how professional wrestling really works.Pro Wrasslin' is now a multimillion dollar industry. It hasn't always been that way, and for some it never will be.

I'm going to share a secret about professional wrestling. If you do not have a daddy in the business, you don't have a chance.You can have all the talent in the world, but your not going to get the recognition that you deserve by most in the business. The promoters usually come from the wrestling ranks, and they promote their kin folk.Many times a wrestler will not get paid, for whatever reasons it may be. This is quite unethical and very shady.

People in the independent wrestling scene are for the most part, very critical of everyone but themselves.The advice that I would give any young man or woman, who is wanting to try the wrestling scene would be its really not worth it. You bust your body up and the chances of actually making it to the big time just isn't there.

If you feel that you will be the exception, then I wish you good luck. May you be one of the few that actually make it.

.Jeffery S. Miller is the author of the controversial title, "Higgins: An American Story.

Miller is an author, inventor, former talk show host, former professional wrestler, and a national award winner. Please visit Miller's website http://www.freewebs.com/jefferysmiller.

By: Jeffery S. Miller

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